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Quote alan Replybullet Topic: How to upload photographs and resize them
    Posted: 12 Jul 2008 at 6:42pm
Please note: If there is a '&' symbol in your photo filename then it will upload to the forum server BUT the photo won't show on the forum post.

To upload a photograph or picture to the forum follow the guide below or you can download it and print it from the link below:



Click on a ‘New Topic’ button on the right of the screen or the 'reply' button. It is currently not possible to upload pictures by using the ‘Quick Reply’ box below a previous post. "Post New Topic" will then appear in the breadcrumb line as shown below in the forum you want to submit to.  If you are allowed to upload photos to the current forum then a small square tree icon will appear above the message area. Click on the tree icon.

>Post New Topic > Click Tree Icon



A new window will then appear called 'Image Properties'.
When the new ‘image properties’ window appears you can either upload a photo, or link your photo file already on the web: i.e. hosted on your own website.

Click the ‘Browse’ button to locate a photograph on your computer.

>Click Browse



A new 'File Upload' window will appear. Click on the dropdown arrow on the right of the 'Look In' box - here the folder I'm looking in is 'alanforumimages' to locate my photos where I stored them on my computer at home. Once located click on the filename (here highlighted in blue and called 'ih-sticker'), the filename will then appear in the file-name box at the bottom of the window. Click on 'open' to tell the forum to use that image.

>Select your image >Click 'Open'



The file path of your chosen image will appear in the image upload box (bottom left). Click 'Upload'.

>Click Upload



A new small window appears. 'Please be patient while the image is being uploaded....". You must click 'OK' here to continue.

>Click 'OK'



Your chosen image will now upload into the preview pane. Click 'OK' to choose this image which will now appear in your 'post new topic' window.

If this isn't the image you were expecting then it's because you chose the wrong file on your computer - it will only upload the image that it's told to! To choose a different image instead just click on 'Browse' again, the current image will simply be discarded from the upload server.

>Click 'OK'

>Post New Topic > Click Tree Icon >Click Browse >Select your image >Click 'Open' >Click Upload >Click 'OK' >Click 'OK'

How to resize pictures:

It is really helpful if any pictures or photos you submit to the forum are reduced in size. This means that the photos will be quicker for you to put on the forum and also quicker for the pictures to display when other users see them. 

There is a piece of useful software that can automatically do this for you and I have been trying it and found it very good.

It is completely free of charge.

It has been recommended by the people who host the forum on their web server but we would suggest that you make your own mind up when it comes to downloading software from the internet and also that it will work with your computer. It should work with windows 2000, xp, and vista. I 
have it running on Vista with the Firefox browser.

I recommend that this page is printed so you have these details to hand. There is a 'printable version' button on the bottom left of this page. 

The direct download link is below. On the Shrinkpic site click on the download button and then on the next page click the green download arrow to begin the download.

If you want to you can download it from the popular site and type ‘shrink pic’ into the search box. You can read users reviews for the software there too.

Once installed a small icon will appear in the taskbar (bottom right of your screen) looks like an envelope with a yellow circle on it. If you hover your mouse over it then it should say ‘Shrink pic (running)’.

Right-click on this icon and then left-click on ‘settings’.

The tab that says ‘Compression level’ should be set at ‘High compression’ to start with. The VHGMC forum will accept photos up to 250kbyte. The photo size should say 640 by 480 pixels which is still quite a good photo. You may opt for ‘medium compression’ if you wish to. 

The right tab is ‘Photo types’ and should have ‘jpg files’ ticked. I doubt anyone will be downloading BMP or GIF files but the option is there (they are usually graphic drawings such as the VHGMC logo on the website).

If you click on the ‘file’ option then ‘launch on startup’ should be ticked, if it is already ticked  then don't click on it again as it'll become un-ticked. Don't click on exit either as it'll close the program and then you will have to find it in the program list on your computer. (so I found out!!).

Click ‘apply’ then ‘ok’ - or you may just need to click 'ok' if nothing has been changed. 

Shrink-pic should be located in your program files list if it ever gets disabled or lost!

When downloading photos to the forum it will automatically reduce the photo size and the file size – it should beep when it realizes that a photo is being downloaded onto the forum.

If anyone has any problems then let me know.

Other things to try:

Go to , you don't need to download or install anything. Just click 'browse' and tell it which photo you want to reduce in size, then click 'continue'. Choose the 75% smaller option, then 'resize pic' at bottom of screen and it'll reduce the size for you. Click 'Save to disk' to save it back to your computer, remember to give it a different file name.

This should make your image under the 150k limit for the web server to handle. 

There is a video on the forum that I did ages ago about uploading pictures:  sorry it's not too good a video image!

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Quote EssexWheelhorse Replybullet Posted: 02 Oct 2011 at 3:34pm
Hi there,
am getting really frustrated, have followed all your guidelines but when I get to the image properties page I dont have a browse button to click on and only get images from other people to upload instead of my own, please I have been so long trying to sort this out I really would appreciate your help
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Quote alan Replybullet Posted: 02 Oct 2011 at 7:06pm

Hi Nigel

I'm almost sure that the ability to view the 'browse' button on your computer when on the forum is caused by issues with the inbuilt firewall settings within Internet Explorer. I have come across this only a couple of times before but have never got to the bottom of it as it just seems to rectify itself, and each time it's occurred is after a Microsoft update. It's not your fault, it's a technological hiccup.

You could try clearing Internet History from your web browser, and also clearing cookies too. These two things may help but not guaranteed.

Other solution is to try a different web browser.
The image uploader for Internet Explorer is slightly different to the one for the Firefox web browser, and again the uploader for Google Chrome web browser is configured completely differently to these two.

I use Google Chrome for the forum all the time as I find it easier. Also uploading a photo is much quicker, with less options, and also a % counter is on the forum uploader with Chrome:

(note the % upload bottom left).

Please send me a PM with your computer system details i.e. Windows 7 running Internet Explorer, and I'll see what I can do to assist.



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Quote wristpin Replybullet Posted: 30 Apr 2012 at 5:40pm
Any advice as how to link to images in my photobucket album that are too big for direct uploading to the forum. Can get the pic to Pb and then select and choose the type of destination. That gives me a code - see below - to paste into the forum upload system but it wont ackle!!!
Sure that it's me but what am I doing wrong?¤t=scanRansomesOM0001.jpg

PS have worked around the problem by following post on converting scan to Jpeg and resizing - perfect example of when all else fails, read the instructions!!
However would still like anyones thoughts on the Photobucket issue.
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Quote Charlie Replybullet Posted: 21 Apr 2013 at 4:09pm
bringing to top.
'Don't force it! Get a bigger hammer'
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