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Middy 28th August

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Topic: Middy 28th August
Posted By: roatavator
Subject: Middy 28th August
Date Posted: 07 Aug 2011 at 10:43am
So who's going to the Middy this year?

I'll be there, weather and transport courtesy Jr permitting, with the Simar 56, Hatz Gem and Honda F80 plough and cultivator attachments (assuming they'll all fit on the trailer!).

Simars rule OK

Posted By: Metalkoi
Date Posted: 07 Aug 2011 at 1:07pm
Josh and I will be there  with the Wheelhorse and hopefully the plough that we have made to try it out.

A Suffolk Boy Born & Bred

Posted By: lawnmowerboy
Date Posted: 07 Aug 2011 at 3:11pm
i will be with the trusty and plough providing its running ok cant wait!

Grow old, not up!!!

Posted By: roatavator
Date Posted: 07 Aug 2011 at 6:29pm
Good show chaps, Jr will be very pleased to see the Trusty!

Any more??

Simars rule OK

Posted By: roatavatorjnr
Date Posted: 07 Aug 2011 at 9:30pm
I will indeed be pleased to see the trusty, I do like the bigger machines, I'm wondering how the soon to be mrs jr would feel if I brought a tw35 ford home........

I better get a move on and get the range rover back together and mot'd as it runs out on the 28th!!

What would the wife say if I brought home a rotavator as well as all the cars!?

Posted By: roatavator
Date Posted: 07 Aug 2011 at 10:13pm
Back together?? You didn't tell me it was a kit car!?

It'll still be legal on 28th, so no prob!!

Simars rule OK

Posted By: roatavator
Date Posted: 13 Aug 2011 at 2:04pm
So far only 4 people and 5 machines??
Come on, surely some more of you are coming out to play!

Simars rule OK

Posted By: mowersman
Date Posted: 15 Aug 2011 at 12:00am
Unfortunatly due to the earlier date this year, a lot are not coming. I'm not as I'm in Austria and I'm fairly certain FB2 isn't. There will be a lot more at Denham hopefully.

Posted By: ppplant
Date Posted: 15 Aug 2011 at 1:44pm
Can someone please tell where this event is held, please,As I haven't heard of it before?

Posted By: Charlie
Date Posted: 15 Aug 2011 at 2:38pm
See events, page 13 of The Cultivator. Mid Suffolk Light Railway.

Posted By: Trusty Mad
Date Posted: 15 Aug 2011 at 5:35pm
i have been twice and it is a very nice show and the railway is well worth a look. unfortunatly i can not make it this year.

I reject your reality and substitute my own

Posted By: roatavator
Date Posted: 15 Aug 2011 at 7:42pm
Pity I can't make Denham due to Jr's nuptuals.
Never mind, maybe next year...
You might still be able to hear the Simar in Austria MM!

Simars rule OK

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