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Which Wheel Horse is this?

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Topic: Which Wheel Horse is this?
Posted By: Suicide Jockey
Subject: Which Wheel Horse is this?
Date Posted: 15 Aug 2011 at 9:17pm
Hello everyone...... This is my first post and venture into the world of garden tractors!

I have restored many cars, bikes and other things including houses over the years but I am out of my depth here with the subject of Wheel Horses?

I have aquired a 'round hood' model with a Tecumeseh engine which was made in Belgium and is Model No 1-163-1. It has 'Lawn Ranger' on the hood.
I would like to know more about it..... its age , engine size etc. And can I uprate the hubs to take later larger diameter wheels with chevron tyres.

I am also interested in getting an early 6 speed (8 speed) WH and attachments such as plough, cultivater, 240 generator, saw bench?

I will try to get a pic up tomorrow.

Thanks in advance for any help and is there somewhere on line that i can learn more about the various models and history?

cheers steve

Posted By: alan
Date Posted: 15 Aug 2011 at 9:34pm

Hello Steve

I have a round hood Wheel Horse Lawn Ranger just like the one you have.

I believe these were the last of the round-hood models at the end of the 1960s.

My WH is model 1-2631 and was made in the US, yours is almost identical model number 1-1631 and made in Belgium, both in 1968.


Posted By: Suicide Jockey
Date Posted: 15 Aug 2011 at 9:56pm
Thank you Alan...... Thats great to know. Although the lack of horsepower is worrying - just 6HP...!

I am working on getting it going (no spark) and seeing if the deck is usable.

They are a cute little machine.

Posted By: goldhorse
Date Posted: 15 Aug 2011 at 10:10pm

 I'm sure you will find 6hp adequate for the 32 inch deck, mine is 8hp on a 36 inch and copes as well as my 'new' 13hp environmentally friendly tractor with a 30 inch deck, the older motors seem to develop more torque where it is needed

a horse of a different colour

Posted By: lawnmowerboy
Date Posted: 15 Aug 2011 at 11:21pm
well way back then when good ol horsepower was stil used it was much greater value of 1 than thsese days!

Grow old, not up!!!

Posted By: pmackellow
Date Posted: 16 Aug 2011 at 6:23pm
Welcome to the forum Steve.

The engine in Trachorse (the Wheelhorse crawler made by The Showman, see the Rural Past Times posting) is only 5hp and that pulls like a train, so 6hp in a Lawn Ranger should be fine !!

Collector of Tarpen, Wheelhorse, International Cub Cadet, Landmaster, Cooper Stewart, Farmfitters, Jobber, Jalo, Ro-lo, Sisis and literature

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