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Allen Roper RT-8R

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Topic: Allen Roper RT-8R
Posted By: spencerman
Subject: Allen Roper RT-8R
Date Posted: 10 Aug 2013 at 8:00pm
Hi everyone
This concerns a UK model as described, but that is probably irrelevant in fact to the problem.
I have an Allen Roper RT-8R - it is at least 40 years old but has e newish B&S engine so it still goes ok ish...
It is battery/starter fitted and is visually similar to the machine shown in the following link....

That is an RT-8E.

My problem is that the seat spring has broken. I guess its metal fatigue after all these years. The question
is does anyone know how to unbolt the stump of the seat spring from the tractor? It is fixed by 2 bolts into the
so called chassis channel. It cannot easily be reached from underneath. Is it remove the drawbar plate
or drop the transmission or whatever.....?
In fact there is one ordinary bolt nut outwards, and one carriage type bolt head outwards - very awkward!!!

Any advice would be very welcome.

Posted By: Shedmen
Date Posted: 10 Aug 2013 at 11:53pm
Hi, Philip.
As you say ... very awkward.  I am restoring a 1978 Sears / Roper GT16. Both coach bolts are heads down on mine, also as shown on my illustrated parts list. On my tractor it is just about possible to fiddle the rear bolt into position via the gap between the top of the draw plate and the end of the chassis. The head of the front bolt is too close to the transmission to enable this, even if it could be reached.

From what I have read on various forum's it is a case of dropping the transmission. Don't know about the RT-8R but very involved with the GT16.

Sorry to post bad news but hope you overcome the problem.

Regards, Alan.

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